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Our mission

Our mission with Silencing Stigma is to eradicate period poverty by de-stigmatizing the topic for our youth. We aim to do this by teaching factual awareness through interactive lessons, as well as inculcating pad drive donations and creating manuals on how to navigate menstruation.  We hope to make this issue less of a taboo and more of a household conversation to normalise menstruation.

focus areas

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From the external symptoms faced to the internal hormones regulating it all, our resident Biology HL student has created a curriculum that answers the "when, where, why, and how" about periods and puberty, starting as young as grade 5. This curriculum is aimed to help young girls understand the changes their body goes through during menstruation. (i.e., that period blood is not 'bad' blood) 

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Tired of the "Are you on your period?" phrase? The goal of highlighting the importance of this aspect is to dig deeper into society's mindset regarding menstruation and irradicate the notion of shame from this process. We hope to  Break the stereotypes to normalise this natural bodily process and help us achieve our mission to undefine what girls can and "cannot" do during their period.

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Here we talk about the basics of dealing with periods. From demonstrating how to use and dispose of the pad to taking care of yourself during your period, we make sure to cover it all. Maintaining a hygienic atmosphere reduces the chance of contracting diseases and other unhealthy symptoms, and helps each woman feel comfortable in her skin, no matter what time of the month it is.



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Silencing Stigma is an organisation that aims to raise awareness about menstruation and periods, thus educating and empowering our youth to irradicate the stigma surrounding menstruation.


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