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Importance of Communication in Menstruation

An important part of menstruation is communication. As a teen of about 13–14, getting a period does not only involve physical changes but also emotional alterations. Knowing how to navigate periods and handle them can be a strenuous task, but having a close friend or family member to talk to plays a huge role in relieving this stress.

The first period is a terrifying milestone in every girl's life, and it is important that she have people around her to talk to. In this regard, a mother plays a very influential role. Having experienced it firsthand, it may be easier for a girl to learn about menstruation from her mother. Sharing useful tactics and funny experiences not only leads to a feeling of comfort but also enhances a sense of unity and womanhood.

Talking about comfort, an important step in creating a comfortable environment for menstruating girls is the education of the male population. In traditional Indian households, women are mostly subdued. They are not permitted to talk about periods, to the extent that if a male member of the family sees them disposing of a pad, it is seen as dishonor and shamelessness on the part of the girl.

The education of the male members is especially needed to normalize this natural process and end the stigma surrounding it. By openly discussing menstruation, we can challenge gender stereotypes and promote gender equality by acknowledging that it's a shared responsibility to address menstrual health and concerns.

In summary, the family of an individual plays a huge role in their menstruation journey. It is necessary that a comfortable environment be created at home where the individual is able to talk freely and address their concerns and questions. It is the attitude of the people around the individual that ultimately contributes to their overall well-being and confidence.

Written by- Aliza Iqbal

Edited by- Prahlad Madhu

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