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Our Collaborations

 Each organisation has left us with more experiences and knowledge than we left with, and youth that are curious and eager to spread our mission to their peers. We are so thankful to be given the opportunity to collaborate with these organisations, who have aided us in our mission to spread awareness and eradicate period poverty through the donation of sanitary kits. Check out what our students have to say about our lesson plans on Instagram!

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Silencing Stigma x Aftertaste

Our very first collaboration was perhaps one of the most fruitful. Greeted by curious and bright women who worked tirelessly to support their families inspired us to another level, and we were so grateful that we got to impart our knowledge to them. The smiles on their faces and the promise they made to share this knowledge marked a beautiful start to our journey. 

Silencing Stigma x Saaksharta 

 By fostering an inclusive and safe space, Sundays with Saaksharta also empowered the young minds to ask questions freely, promoting open discussions on sensitive subjects. Through these engaging sessions, we aim to create a generation that embraces knowledge, breaking down societal barriers and promoting positive attitudes towards essential aspects of human development.

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Silencing stigma x Vivekananda Youth Forum 

One of our most cherished collaborations, working with VYF granted us the privilege of engaging with some of the most resilient and empowered girls and women we've ever encountered. From sharing intimate and heartfelt experiences to challenging the longstanding question of "Why are women barred from entering temples during menstruation?" These remarkable individuals proved to be an incredibly rewarding and enlightening audience, and the opportunity to educate them was an absolute honour.

Silencing Stigma x Interact x Gyanaika 

coming soon!

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