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Silencing Stigma X Saakshatkara

Saakshatkara is a non-profit organization that helps girls from the ages of 10 to 16.

Each Sunday, the founders and marketing heads would go and educate different age groups, like the fifth and sixth graders, then the eleventh and twelfth graders. They talked about menstruation, the body changes that occur during your periods, how to take care of yourself during your period and make the experience better, and also puberty.

Through the course of these weeks, the children learned various facts about periods that they probably would not have known if not educated well, but thanks to Saakshatkara and the Silencing Stigma, they were able to make many lives easier. They were also made aware of the countless superstitions that have existed and said goodbye to them.

All these sessions were also interactive and made fun to make the whole experience better. Overall, it was a great experience for everyone, and very knowledgeable. 

Written by: Zaena Lakhani

Edited by: Prahlad Madhu

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