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Periods are only thought of as a monthly ritual, but what people don’t know is that many periods not only include bleeding but have many other complications as well. These complications are known as menstrual problems. Menstrual problems mean some discomfort or uneasiness leading up to or during the period. These menstrual problems may be mild or severe, depending on what menstrual problems they are. The world is just not well aware of these. So today, let’s talk about some of those complications and become more aware of them.

1. Premenstrual Syndrome: This mainly occurs two weeks before your period, leading up to your period. There are several symptoms. These include mood swings, food cravings, backaches, headaches, body pains, irritability, and more. Not all women experience this, and this is the most common menstrual problem out of all the others.

2. Dysmenorrhea: When a woman feels extreme pain and experiences severe cramps during her period, that is what dysmenorrhea means. This may occur due to the lack of oxygen to the uterus, which may also lead to contractions.

3. Menorrhagia: During the few days of your period, if you experience a great amount of vaginal bleeding, which is also referred to as ‘flooding,’ or if your period lasts for a longer period of time, like 7 days, it’s said to be Menorrhagia.

4. Amenorrhea: This is a condition in which no vaginal bleeding occurs when a woman is on her period. There are two types: the first is primary amenorrhea, which occurs after a woman is mature but still does not get her periods. The second is secondary amenorrhea, which occurs in an older woman whose vaginal bleeding completely stops for three consecutive cycles.

5. Hypomenorrhea: This condition is quite the opposite of menorrhagia, as women experience very light bleeding. The periods also occur for a couple of days.

6. Ogliomenorrhea: This is the irregularity of periods that occurs in women. This means that there is no fixed cycle when a woman may get her periods; they can occur at any time, anywhere. This mainly occurs due to hormonal imbalances.

I hope reading this made you more aware of what periods actually consist of, which is a lot more than vaginal bleeding. These are just a few basic menstrual problems; there are more severe ones than these as well. But I hope you learned a few new things from here. Thank you.

Written by Jiana

Edited by Prahlad Madhu

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