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The intersection between school and periods

School and periods—that one combination every girl dreads but has to face. Every month we always hope that we get our periods on the weekend so that the first two days, which are the most awful ones, we can spend them at home, but you can’t get lucky every time.

When you are on your period, focusing on studies and giving undivided attention to a subject is challenging, and not everyone understands that, but it is crucial to know that giving up on that pain is not always what you would want because, at the end of the day, we all want marks and a good percentage.

So, what do you even do? First, start off by thinking of it in a positive way, because adding more negativity isn’t going to help you think of it from a different perspective. For example, imagine you're actually working or doing something else while bleeding; that already makes you strong. Then inform a few friends so that they can help calm you down when needed. If you're having terrible mood swings and might say things to someone without meaning to forewarn them, Also, always keep a few pads in your bag along with a change of clothes during emergencies.

Never starve yourself because the aftereffects might hit you during class, and we do not want that. Chocolate always helps, so after your tuition or school, treat yourself with something sweet.

Lastly, always remember that stress and anxiety affect your periods; they can change the cycle by a few days or even drastically and surprise you when least expected. Another reason to stop worrying yourself is because it has countless harmful outcomes.


Picture credits: Wix

Written by : Zaena Lakhani

Edited by : Prahlad Madu

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Aarushi Patel
Aarushi Patel
Aug 03, 2023

so well written

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