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The Day I Bled into Menarche

6th October 2018—what a day it was! I’d just savored some amazing delicacies at lunch, and my taste buds were still celebrating that treat. The final day of the first semester at school obviously included a special lunch with some parents and us kids. The relationship between worrying about the exam results and enjoying its completion is an unbeatable contrast, for sure.

I remember very vividly how I’d always wondered what it felt like to bleed every month, to see your own blood being shed, and to enjoy the tag of ‘maturity’. I was fortunate to grow up in a really progressive environment, and my mother started educating me about periods when I was just 10.

Call it a coincidence, a miracle, or a sign, but when I was freshening up after coming home from the restaurant, I was wondering about me hitting menarche when I realized that very moment that I had bled into it. I couldn’t be more grateful to my mother for bringing me up so well prepared. At that moment, I didn’t panic. I closed my eyes and wondered how my fantasies had turned into realities with just a bloodstain.

My thoughts and emotions were so beautifully overwhelmed, like I’d always been longing for that one bloodstain. Funny enough, but then I’d forgotten. I’d forgotten that my body would bloom with my shed blood and with pain, emotions, and cramps all over. But I knew my identity had transformed the day I bled into menarche.


Photo credits: Karolina Grabowska

Author - Aryaa Praseed

Editor - Prahlad Madhu

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