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Period Mishaps: Embracing Periods through Humor

Menstruation, as tedious and messy a process it is, is also something that bonds girls together in the most unlikely manner. From sharing embarrassing stories to helping each other in small ways, we have all learned to embrace periods as a natural part of life. Though that time of the month can get on your nerves, it is also filled with moments that make for great sleepover stories.

Ranking first are the not-so-discreet stains. At family gatherings or school functions, stain mishaps are an everyday thing during that time of the month. Remember a stranger coming up to you and telling you there's blood on your clothes? Don’t fret; we’ve all experienced that. The initial rush of embarrassment on your face when you realize everybody’s looking fades away when you see girls around to help. And remember, while it may feel embarrassing at the moment, you will slowly find the ability to laugh at the untimely surprises that come with periods.

Speaking of surprises, have you ever experienced the combination of sneezing and menstruation? Because let me tell you that a split second of panic followed by relief (maybe!) is nothing short of a suspense thriller.

Although being on your period can be stressful, you no longer need an excuse to indulge in junk food. Changes in the levels of hormones (estrogen and progesterone) cause cravings for sweet foods during your period. So if you've found yourself at the grocery store at midnight looking for a particular ice cream flavor, don't worry; I have too!

Indulging in weird but oddly delicious food combinations is also something people get a kink out of; my favorite has to be chips dipped in chocolate sauce!

As a young and inexperienced girl, the most difficult part of my menstrual cycle was discreetly disposing of used products without drawing any attention. Being part of an Indian family, discussing menstruation openly was frowned upon, and it was considered even worse if a male family member caught sight of you disposing of your used pad. So cautiously checking for anyone nearby and being discreet was always a hard task. Despite the struggle, my cousins and I found humor in these situations, often reminiscing about our shared difficulties and amusing incidents.

As the years passed, we learned to laugh at these struggles and slowly created a friendly environment at home for open discussions. We communicated with our family members and managed to normalize our periods.

Let’s face it, being discreet on your period isn't really a possibility. Remember the initial struggle to not make a sound while opening a pad in the bathroom?

That unexpected “plop” sound when removing a tampon or emptying a menstrual cup is like your body has suddenly decided to announce to the world that you're on your period. And while it may catch you off guard, it’s a reminder to find humor in little quirks and share a giggle with your friends.

These funny moments remind us that menstruation is a shared experience among women. While it may seem challenging and daunting, it creates a sense of unity and helps us laugh off these quirks together. So the next time you find yourself in an embarrassing situation, remember someone else has been there too, and face it with levity and humor.

Every girl is sure to have faced such period mishaps; do comment below how many of these you’ve experienced!


Photo by: Elle Hughes

Written by: Aliza Iqbal

Edited by: Prahlad Madhu

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