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Ovarian Cancer Month

We’ve entered the month of OVARIAN CANCER AWARENESS,which is one of the types of cancer in the 200+ cancers.

Ovarian cancer—as it’s name itself explains—is the type of cancer caused in the ovary organs that produce eggs, called ovaries, in a female human body. Ovarian cancer begins when cells in or near the ovaries develop changes (mutations) in their DNA.

Causes: A few of the common causes of this cancer are the age of a woman, the number of eggs the ovaries release, and lastly,the most common cause of any such disease is that it is hereditary. If someone in the family has had ovarian or breast cancer,they have a higher chance of experiencing this disease.

SYMPTOMS: This type of cancer does not have any specific symptoms in its earlier stages,which makes it hard to track. But some symptoms that follow later include pain in the abdomen or pelvic areas. Bloating, nausea, and indigestion are some other symptoms. Lastly, cancer-related fatigue or loss of appetite, as well as weight loss, are other indications of this disease.

Treatment: Just like any other disease, or rather, to be more specific,any other cancer’s treatment only depends on the stage of cancer the person is going through. Usually, chemotherapy or most women undergo surgery to first remove their uterus, called a hysterectomy, along with removal of both the ovaries and fallopian tubes, called a bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy.

I hope all this information has served the purpose of spreading awareness about this miserable and painful disease. September is celebrated as the month to support current patients and educate the public about ovarian cancer.

Written by Jiah

Edited by Prahlad

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27 sept. 2023

well written

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