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Menstruation in School

Young, adolescent girls spend around 5–6 hours a day in school on average. Some school hours extend even longer. It is vital for schools, colleges, and other educational institutes to keep appropriate resources for these girls when they are menstruating. Having to put up with the cramps, constant body aches, and diabolical food cravings is complicated enough, and the least we can do is attempt to make their surroundings a little more comforting.

For middle school or high school students, we can begin by providing them sanitary napkins free of charge within the school premises. It is also important that teachers show understanding and lenience when a student tells them she’s on her cycle and hence not feeling well. This might be controversial because students may misuse and take advantage of their tolerance; however, when it is genuine, the student should be excused or allowed to put her head down.

The right equipment, such as mild painkillers, hot water bags, or electric heating pads, should be made available in the school clinic or health care unit. To further improve the amenities, a box of chocolates or some sort of sweet, be it simple sugar, should also be kept. Girls should be permitted to use the restroom freely. It is also a pivotal measure that must be taken to educate not just girls but also boys about menstruation. A universal session must be held for both genders.

Written by : Aafreen Shaikh

Edited by : Prahlad Madhu

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