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Me, My Period and I.

solo ride until i hit menopause :(

My period is my enemy. Sometimes a soothing drizzle, and then more like a

cloudburst? A part of my identity, something I look forward to yet dread. From pain,

cramps, mood swings, and cravings to being me, my period is my oxymoron. My

blood is what I endure; my pain is my resilience; my mood swings are my adaptability; and this is me. Funny, right? How can something so central to my existence, and in that way, the existence of the next generation, seem to cause me so much harm?

My period defines me, and my period teaches me. It strengthens me and makes me

embrace my insecurities. I'm proud of what it makes me, and I'm never ashamed of what it is. It's not just an experience; it's always a learning experience. Learning more about who you are, learning more about loving yourself, and learning more about embracing your body—that is what my periods teach me.

Every cycle is a dive—deeper into myself, my mind, my emotions, and my body.

Responding to the tenderness of my body and emotions is an art taught by my

period. And heck yes, I am a very fine artist at that. Red is my base; it is so bold, so

royal, and so fine. Shedding old blood and making way for new is more like putting

the past behind you and giving rise to something new. Walking through pain and

sensitivity only made me stronger, for you cannot compliment blood, but you can

compliment its beauty.

A small bloodstain isn't a black mark; it's my buddy asking for my time. Yes, we're

buddies for life—my period and I.


Photo credits:

Written by: Aryaa Praseed

Edited by: Prahlad Madhu

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Jiya Chhugera
Jiya Chhugera
Jul 20, 2023

I love this!!

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