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Fitness and Exercising During and Around the Menstrual Cycle

Periods and Exercise: Is Embracing Your Flow the Secret to Fitness Success?

It is a fairly well-known fact that exercising before or during your menstrual cycle is highly

beneficial. Firstly, regular movements and exercise before and after your cycle help greatly

reduce pain. This is why many women look to exercise as a natural painkiller. That being

said, however, it is advisable to plan out your workouts on the basis of your cycle. High-

intensity workouts can be done during the follicular and luteal phases, as your body is fit to

maximise strenuous training efforts and is better able to access carbohydrates and other

required resources.

Your body tends to feel weak and less motivated just before the cycle starts, the reason for

which is that your normal hormone fluctuations, metabolic rate, and general strength are

diminished during this time. On such days, light exercises like walking or jogging of

moderate intensity are recommended.

As much as you might feel like it, skipping workouts or any exercise while you’re on

your cycle should be avoided. Regular and steady movements during your cycle subdue

pain and increase efficiency. It benefits your health as well as your mind. There are certain

exercises aimed at alleviating abdominal cramps. Doctors recommend walking, yoga,

stretching, or even dancing. These activities are proven to reduce fatigue, irritability, mood

swings, and other symptoms.

Exercising during your menstrual cycle can be a great way to stay fit and healthy. Listen

to your body and choose activities that are right for you.


Written by: Afreen Shaikh

Edited by: Prahlad Madhu & Jiya Chhugera

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