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A Period Positive World

How the impact of this statement could help millions of girls who feel disregarded seen and heard

Imagine a world where periods aren't a taboo. A world where people who menstruate can talk about their periods openly and without shame. A world where menstrual products are affordable and accessible to everyone. A world where period poverty is a thing of history.

This is the world that we can produce if we work together to promote period positivity. Period positivity is about destigmatising periods and celebrating the natural thing of beauty that they are. It's about everyone who menstruates having the coffers and support they need to manage their ages comfortably and confidently. You might ask, how hard is it to transition from where we're now, to a period positive world?

My answer - it isn't a task as dispiriting as we make it to be. Because unlike other challenges, it neither requires fiscal support, nor a change in policy. All it needs is a change in the way you think. When there are more than 336 million girls menstruating in India, the first thing we can do is reduce the “ hush ” we're told to keep when we talk about periods. Be open about it. Periods are nothing to be ashamed about. They are, in fact, meant to be celebrated.

Periods are a natural, and healthy part of life. Stop using the ‘ black plastic bags ’, which are given to the utmost of us each time we buy sanitary pads. In a country where nearly 50% of 100,000 girls aren't indeed apprehensive of what period is, the path to period positivity seems an everlasting bone.

But with the arrival of driven organisations that work to raise mindfulness about periods, the challenge can be triumphed over. As a young adult grown-up in an ever-changing world, I see the significance of menstrual equity which means free period products for everyone. This goes beyond just pads and tampons, but also includes “ luxury ” period products like menstrual mugs and period panties so that all those with a period can feel more comfortable and supported during periods.

The discussion about period poverty and in turn, period positivity needs to be brought up in cultural circles, political circles, and everything in between. Once it becomes a regular discussion, people will be more compelled to become involved.

To continue changing the smirch around periods however, we've to prioritise proper education. Once it can be regularised in a classroom, it'll clearly lead to better conversations outside the classroom. It’s unbelievable to imagine anyone feeling ashamed of their periods and hurting their health due to lack of availability.

All women have presumably endured fear when dealing with an unanticipated period, and I can't imagine going through that sweat every month. I believe periods are a superpower of women that should be defended and celebrated. That's how we can take a step to reach a period positive world.

It really is as simple as that.


Photo credits: Sora Shimazaki

Written By: Prahlad Madhu

Edited By: Jiya Chhugera

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1 Comment

Jiya Chhugera
Jiya Chhugera
Jul 20, 2023

So true! hope this happens soon!!

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