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Painkillers vs Period pain

Why Does Menstrual Pain Still Carry Misconceptions? Unraveling the Truth Behind Period Pain and its Impact

You're not being dramatic at all. Period pain can be incredibly painful, and it's perfectly

normal to want to take painkillers to relieve it. There's no need to suffer in silence.

Why is it so difficult for us to have medicine on our periods? Why do we need to be in

unbearable pain, to the point where we are numb and can't breathe, to finally have the

painkiller? I sometimes wish they did not exist. Painkillers, not periods.

It's really a competition, because when I get through the most painful parts of my period and

sit through school in excruciating pain instead of listening to my mom and taking medicine in the morning, I feel like more of a woman. I have won.

It usually seems pretty unfair to me. But when I think about it now, it seems petty. What's the

big deal in accepting that you can't bear the pain anymore? I guess it's probably something I

inherited from older women in my family—only having medicine when you really need it.

And in this case, it seems to never be extreme enough. Maybe it's the fear of being judged.

But who knows, really? Everyone has a different level of pain, and pain tolerance. For some

unfathomable reason, I feel weak when I am compelled to take painkillers. Am I being

dramatic then?

I don’t think so.

Because menstrual pain can be so intense that it makes you have headaches and nausea at

times, Couple that with hormones, and you have a war in your body. You are not weak when

you take a painkiller. You are not being dramatic when you miss school because of cramps.

It's only human.


Photo credits: Cotton bro studio

Written by: Sanaa Jhaveri

Edited by: Prahlad Madhu

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1 Comment

Jiya Chhugera
Jiya Chhugera
Jul 20, 2023

Yes!! this NEEDS to be talked about more!

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